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Worker's Compensation

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Pre-Employment Screens&
Work Hardening

360 Physical Therapy is a leading provider in the rehabilitation of the injured worker. Our ability to deliver outstanding clinical outcomes is directly correlated to our patient, physician, employer, nurse case management and insurance provider relationships. The physical therapists at 360 Physical Therapy are experts in treating work-related injuries.

The best Workers' Compensation outcomes often occur when physical therapy is not delayed, thus we can generally schedule the initial visit within one day. Patient participation is an integral component in the rehabilitative process. We listen to the patient's needs and goals, developing a plan of care to work effectively in achieving maximum recovery.

Our focus is to return patients to their previous work activities. We are dedicated to being part of the solution by delivering cost-effective services and stressing outcome-based/goal-oriented programs, working toward the ultimate goal of case resolution.

Work Conditioning/Work Hardening: Prepares the injured worker for return to work by providing an intensive, active program utilizing real and simulated work activities along with strengthening, flexibility and conditioning.

Work conditioning/hardening bridges the gap between outpatient therapy and the physical demands of the job. The program typically includes

  • 3-5 days per week, 2 to 4 hours per day
  • Strengthening for the injury site
  • General total body strengthening and flexibility
  • Endurance and aerobic capacity training
  • Functional job specific work simulation to re-train and prepare for return to work duties and ensure no re-injury
  • Education/Body Mechanics/Ergonomics

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) : a scientifically developed, objective process to measure a worker's physical capabilities and tolerances, also known as a worker's physical demand level (PDL). 360 Physical Therapy partners with Ergoscience to perform FCE’s. The ErgoScience FCE supports quick and effective return-to-work, case resolution, vocational assessment, and disability determination so that the best decision possible can be made for the employee and their organization.

Its unique features include:

  • A validated scoring system. Competitors offer no scoring system and rely heavily on subjective therapist opinion and/or clinical guesswork.
  • Research-based extrapolations of work capacity to 8-hour day/40-hour week. Competitor evaluations often avoid making this extrapolation or make unreliable, subjective extrapolations to 8-hour day/40-hour week.
  • Research published in occupational medicine journals. Competitors’ findings often include (or are solely based on) non-published research.
  • Comprehensive research. Competitive research is often partial or incomplete.
  • A proven track record of defensibility. Competitor findings, because of the lack of objectivity and validity are often difficult to defend.