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Postural Restoration

Basic Concepts of Postural Restoration

When our body systems become overused and dominated by one movement pattern, we begin to compensate. Weakness, pain, and difficulty with certain movements results … and builds over time. Our bones and muscles become restricted and we can no longer move in normal patterns. Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) credentialed therapist recognizes these structural imbalances in the body and dysfunctional movement patterns associated with your system’s disuse, misuse, or overuse. A PRI certified therapist figures out what type of adaptations you have made to cope with your symptoms and the asymmetrical patterns that your habits have caused that are the underlying source of your pain, instability, weakness and dysfunction. They then work with you to correct the structure and movement patterns to restore you back to a balanced position and improved movement. PRI develops innovative treatment programs that succeed where traditional physical therapy, injections, surgery and exercise has failed.

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