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I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy in January. I was sent to your Gilbert office and have Allison Grady as my therapist... I just would like to say that she is AWESOME!!! I have especially loved how caring and energetic she is. I was horrified when I came in (thinking I was going to scare people with my face). She has been just the greatest person ever... It feels like everyone is like family there and if I ever need therapy again I will surely say this place is the best!!! Thank you!
- Priscilla (Gilbert/Mesa)

"I want to thank 360 Physical Therapy and especially my therapist Cody Egan for his outstanding assistance in helping with my recovery from total knee replacement in January 2016. Cody was very professional and continually encouraged me to work through the pain -- as well as keeping me well informed of my progress. Working with Cody was a pleasure and I appreciated his positive support each week."
- Don (Gilbert/Mesa Clinic)

"I just recently completed PT at the Fountain Hills facility after a TKA. When I first walked (limped) into the very small intake area, I was a bit leery, but that soon dissipated as I was interviewed by your professional and capable staff, Barbara, Lisa and Becky. My confidence in them and the process grew over the next weeks of therapy, which was just successfully completed today. I can only say....... They are simply the best, as individuals and as a team... they leave nothing to be desired. They should be commended. Thanks for a very positive experience!"
-Bob H. (Fountain Hills)

"Doug did a great job! He listened to me and was very responsive to my ability and my desires. I am very pleased with 360 Physical Therapy and I will recommend to friends."
-Linda B. (Sun Lakes)

"Owen is awesome. He takes the time to explain to me why I do certain exercises and the helpful effects they should have. Anytime I have a question he is always very friendly and does his best to explain things so I can understand what's going on. I couldn't ask for a better therapist."
-Shana S. (Phoenix)

"Pablo has really helped me a lot with my range of motion. Since I've been with him, my strength has very much improved. I would recommend Pablo to assist me and others. He has a pleasant personality, is very patient and kind. Thank you Pablo for all your help."
-Mary S. (Chandler)

"Thank you to Vanessa for all she has done to get me back on my feet. Her personal interest in my healing meant a lot to me. Vanessa not only cured my physical problem, she gave me confidence to push myself past where I was when I arrived there. I sincerely appreciate all she did for me."
-Jim H. (Chandler)

"I must thank Charles Tan for all of his helpful information that is now resulting in curing my neck problems! Charles is amazing!"
-Joan P. (Chandler)

"I had physical therapy performed at your PEAKS location in Fountain Hills, AZ. I just wanted to let you know that the two therapists who worked on my shoulder did a fantastic job. When I got back to Michigan and went in to see the surgeon who performed the operation he was impressed with my progress and the results of the therapy performed. I was way ahead of the recovery time frame and I owe it all to Barb and Jason. I just wanted someone to know that my experience at your facility was exceptional and you have some great employees working for you."
-Doug D. (Fountain Hills)

"I know you probably get many complaints from people. However I want to express my gratitude for 360 and the staff I have encountered. I especially want to express my appreciation for Devin. He worked with me after both knee replacements. He was kind, considerate, explained, and encouraged to keep going when I became discouraged especially after the last surgery. He is a great encourager and enabler to push through the pain for results."
-Annie M (Chandler)

"My Experience with 360 PT has been great! I feel that even though my problems with my right arm/elbow still exist, there has been some noticeable strengthening at the very least with the tendon areas. My therapist Ann Maria was wonderful and very patient as this injury occurred in March 2014. I am looking forward to some relief as well with my back soon. Happy to be back!"
-Laura D, (Gilbert)

"Though I only had 4 sessions in Chandler with Allison Drake, I have nothing but the highest praise for her sincere dedication to this science and her superior understanding of human anatomy. Though this is only the 2nd time I've ever used physical therapy, I think the world of your profession, and therapists like Allison only magnify the high regard I have for what you do. Allison managed to get me back on my feet in only 4 visits."
-J. Bono, 3/15

"I just completed my PT for total hip replacement. My husband had Kim @ Sun Lakes for previous PT and said I should ask for her. I can not explain what a competent and caring individual she is. 360 is very fortunate to have her at their facility. Thank you!"

I came in before and after ankle surgery. Hard to believe how the assistance and therapy added to the healing of my ankle. Candice is outstanding in her knowledge of what to do for your particular issues. My pain level is down and my progress up. She's a fantastic lady!
-Linda, Sun Lakes patient

I have been to several PT offices in the past. My time at 360 PT has been the best by far. Having the time with a therapist is invaluable.
-Phoenix patient

360 provides great and effective service. They showed me how to maintain my proper exercises and provide a Wellness program that helps me keep on track. They helped greatly decrease my back pain and eliminated my shoulder pain.
-Georgianne, Phoenix patient

My therapist was out of this world. Her treatment of/communication with patients is exemplary; her skills and knowledge are beyond compare. The atmosphere is so positive! Most importantly, everyone Becky treats leaves with a feeling of hope and the certainty that their lives will be better. She definitely is leaving the world a better place than she found it, one patient at a time.
-Chandler Patient

The minute I stepped across the threshold of 360 I was welcomed and I knew I was in a comforting, friendly, caring, therapeutic center for healing! This staff is professional and fun; I will miss them.
-Tempe Patient

Almost like home - comforting, pleasing, welcoming, and absolutely accommodating. The entire staff is warm and friendly and truly caring with each patient. One of the best facilities I have ever been a patient of. I am very grateful to all of them. Thank you all! God bless.
-Georgetta Pless, Phoenix Patient

I was surprised how quickly the therapy sessions and at-home exercises not only brought my pain under control, but allowed me to resume my normal activities without pain. Allison has been great!
-Kim Short, Chandler Patient

Becky was a miracle worker. Considering the level of pain I was in when I started therapy. I never believed I would be pain free today. I have a new lease on life! This experience completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you doesn't seem enough to express my gratitude.
-Chandler Patient

My first experience with 360 Physical Therapy was with Karen in the Gilbert office. After several visits with Karen, it became clear that PT was not going to fix the problem and she recommended I follow up with my doctor for further evaluation. I appreciate the fact she did not push me to continue spending my time, money and insurance coverage to work on an issue that clearly needed surgical help.

Post surgery, I returned to 360 Physical Therapy and the therapist assigned to my treatment was Douglas Mitchell.

Doug was very professional, patient and personable. His style of being enthusiastic but thorough was very refreshing. He went out of his way to explain why the body was reacting in certain ways and what I could do to reduce pain/inflammation and to increase strength. Doug's ability to be positive and patient when I was not was extremely helpful to me!

During most of my appointments with Doug he usually had more than just one patient to treat. He never once looked frustrated or distracted. He worked with each patient with ease and grace. He always offered a friendly smile and an attentive presence with each individual, even when he was multi-tasking. His positive energy was such an asset to the Gilbert office. I believe all of the patients I saw Doug working with seemed to genuinely enjoy their interactions with him.

I would highly recommend 360 Physical Therapy to anyone I know. The various methods offered to help heal the body and speed recovery along with the positive energy from the entire staff is greatly appreciated.

- Jenny S. - Gilbert Patient

I don't usually write comments, however I wanted to take the time to comment on the excellent service at 360 that I have had over the last year and a half. Melissa and Patty especially have a place in my heart. I am considered a quadriplegic however I am now walking with sometimes the help of a cane. The excellent service and knowledge Melissa has with all aspects of a persons injury is nothing short of AMAZING. I was given hope and confidence when even the Dr's said I would be wheelchair bound. I lost 36lbs and am healthy now. I am moving to San Diego and wish there was a 360 there. I will miss the crew at 360, and will never forget how they all helped me get my life back and feel confident and good about myself. What a great asset Melissa is to the company....What more can I say except I will miss you all dearly.
Louanne, Tempe 360 Patient

Was given courteous and caring attention. Enjoyed the laid back and friendly atmosphere. I always felt welcomed and cared about as well. Thank you Kerry for helping me become stronger in the areas needing attention.
-Tempe 360 Patient

I have been suffering from lower back pain for over 2 years. After 6 weeks with Allison my pain has improved so much that I can resume all the exercise and physical activity I missed so much. My pain and overall quality of life has done a 180 turn in the last month. I can't thank you enough!
-Matthew Bauel, Chandler 360 Patient

Lisa is a very knowledgeable and friendly therapist. She really helped figure out what activities bothered my knee and assigned exercises that greatly helped my strength, flexibility and decreased pain.
-Tempe 360 Patient

This was my first experience with therapy. The staff are friendly and dedicated to helping people heal. Brian M. was totally supportive in my efforts to heal my sprained ankle. His knowledge and professional attitude are great!
-Chandler 360 Patient

Very impressed with the entire office and facility. Shawna always asked me how I was doing and how my knee felt. She seemed to know exactly how much I needed to work without overdoing it, yet still getting the maximum benefit. Thank you. Highly recommended.
-Gilbert Patient

Matt was great! Positive, friendly and hung in with me when I got grumpy! My knee feels great! I can't believe all the improvement in such a short time!
-Joann Del-Colle, Chandler Patient

Doug Mitchell is an excellent therapist, who is very knowledgeable, conscientious and dedicated to helping improve your physical conditions. His sense of humor makes the therapy session go by quickly. He is a very positive asset. Thank you again Doug!
-Gilbert Patient

360 was a wonderful experience in rehab. Kim was a wonderful therapist- she allowed me to recover from my physical limitations. I regained many of my former physical abilities.
-Sun Lakes Patient

I really appreciated the care I received at 360. The one-on-one care beats any other PT care that I've received at any other PT facility. I will recommend 360 to any friends and family that might need care, as well as my doctors. Thank you again.
-360 Patient

My experience could not of been better! Fabian was very patient and my progress was through the roof! Thank you!
-Chandler Patient

Adam was very friendly and helpful. Worked well one-on-one: great attitude. His extra knowledge was insightful and informative. It was always great to get in a good laugh every appointment! Thanks!
-Gilbert Patient

Happy camper! Never ever thought I could improve, but I did! Gave me a lot more hope. Thanks Allison!
-Chandler Patient

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, support and care I've received from your wonderful team. Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but I'm lost for words! Keep up the excellent job you're all doing and God bless you all! A+++
-360 Patient

Thank you for everything I learned that I can take with me to continue to improve my quality of life.
-Phoenix Patient

Ben brings a different approach to his therapies- (if something doesn't work, there's always a different approach.) He thinks outside the box if needed and I would not use anyone else for PT. Will recommend him and 360 to anyone! Thanks a bunch!
-Gilbert Patient

Awesome staff and facility! It was so reassuring to always be seen and treated by a registered therapist, not a technician!
-Sun Lakes Patient

I love the personal and friendly experience that I felt from the entire staff and their patients. I come from a small town where everybody is close knit- that's how this place makes me feel... home.
-360 Patient

I really appreciated the care I received at 360. The one-on-one care beats any other PT care that I've received at any other PT facility. I will recommend 360 to any friends and family that might need care, as well as my doctors. Thank you again.
-360 Patient

Elisa is a great therapist! Knows her skills in detail and with compassion! Highly recommend her to everyone!
-Phoenix Patient

All I can say is if I needed therapy again I would come back here & here only!
-Chandler Patient

Troy was great to work with and made me feel that my progress and goals were the most important matter of interest. He has the ability to make you feel that you are the most important person he deals with. Thanks Troy!!
-Sun Lakes Patient

Good experience and information! Mike helped me discover muscles I thought were dead and gone!
-Chandler Patient

A few weeks have passed since Doug at Sun Lakes treated me for a very painful sciatica nerve condition. Now, after no recurrence of the problem, I am very proud to say: "With Doug's professional treatment at 360 Physical Therapy, I was properly healed without surgery or pain-medication injections. Good old P/T done by a professional. Thanks Doug and 360."
-Tom Voiland, Sun Lakes Patient

Austin is an excellent therapist, very knowledgeable and personable. I will be back when I have my other knee replaced. Thanks to Austin for the fantastic job he performed on my knee.
-Scottsdale Thunderbird Patient

Can't say enough good things about Janice. Thorough, really listens, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. All around great person. Thank you all.
-Sun Lakes Patient

360 P.T. was the only place that my orthopedist wanted me to go. He said the therapy went beyond the usual exercises done at other places and he was right. The program was tailored just for me and I was able to work with the therapist, not an assistant or tech. I got more attention that way, so my session wasn't interrupted. I have a lot of respect for Barb. She's well-educated and loves her work.. it shows! Felicia is delightful as well. She's friendly, competent and accommodating with appointment changes.
-Scottsdale Shea Patient

Kim was a wonderful therapist and helped educate me on why my body was in pain and how to correct the problems. She was such a pleasure to work with and always was friendly and professional. Great facility and all of the therapists showed such friendliness and concern for their patients. Mandy also did a great job at front desk! Overall great experience!!
-Sun Lakes Patient

I couldn't be happier with the progress that I have made at 360. I went from having noticeable pain every day to minimal and manageable discomfort less often. Matt was excellent and took very good care of me and gave me the knowledge to stay healthy, he was always professional and friendly. Thanks!
-Chandler Patient

This was a good experience and a successful treatment for lessening my pain and improving my general heath. Giving me a more positive goal towards improving my fitness and returning to the activities that I enjoy. Thank you. I will gladly tell friends and family to come here for treatment.
-Sun Lakes Patient

Best experience I have had with physical therapy. Third time I have done it and first time I have stuck with it. Understanding I have good and bad days really helped. Thanks again!
-360 Patient

I had no intention of coming to my doctor ordered therapy. Time was a large factor, however I would highly recommend that folks do. I am very glad I did. Thanks to everyone for their help and assistance. Felicia, Barb & Jarrod are to be recommended.
-Scottsdale Shea Patient

360 Physical Therapy staff has always been very friendly and welcoming. Valerie was a great person to work with. Thank you for helping me treat my migraines.
-Phoenix Patient

Thank you Karen. You are an outstanding professional. Thanks for all the help with lifting, balance and body awareness. Take care!
-Gilbert Patient

I was amazed at how quickly Troy analyzed my knee and shoulder problems and then gave me exercises that completely fixed my problems! Exceeded my expectations!
-Doug Swanson, Sun Lakes Patient

Ann Marie is very likeable, personable and adapts well to my evolving needs as a patient. Our time was well spent with activities and exercises that flowed into one another, the only down time was at my request. Thank you for showing me how to restore myself and regain my life.
-Gilbert Patient

Sarah tortured me and I loved every minute of it. I feel fantastic after my therapy- no pain! I was concerned because of the injury and my line of work that this might become a permanent problem. But, she has given me the tools to maintain and prevent problems. Thank you Sarah!,
-Chandler Patient

I feel lucky & grateful for the therapy I received from Elise- she is a first class individual, very patient with me. Her knowledge and experience helped me to regain my strength. Thanks to her & the staff!
-Phoenix Patient

360 was just what I needed and it has enriched my ability to maintain a normal life. Thank you!
-360 Patient

I have had an outstanding and exceptional experience at 360 PT. I was fortunate to be assigned Allison Grady as my therapist. Her skills and knowledge are A-1, surpassed only by her personality and patient demeanor. I had the utmost trust in Allison's care and respected when she challenged me and held me accountable for my results and recovery. I won't hesitate to recommend 360 PT as best in the Valley, and wouldn't hesitate to return for my own needs.
-Chandler Patient

Valerie worked with my 6 year old son and after his first visit he looked forward to coming back and even asked if it was his day to come. Valerie had a great way of working with him and he even did the exercises at home, mostly without complaint because Valerie made the whole experience fun.
-Phoenix Patient

My therapist was so very helpful in prescribing just the right therapy for my condition. When I started I was using a wheelchair and walker and today I can walk free and with little problem.
-360 Patient

This letter is intended to provide feedback on my experience with 360 Physical Therapy (Chandler location) and more specifically to provide feedback about my experience with the employee Sarah Hanna. This letter may be used or distributed however you see fit, for training purposes and for employee development. I apologize for neglecting to use your standard feedback form.

I would first like to address the atmosphere at 360 Physical Therapy. I feel that the staff at 360 strive to maintain a professional atmosphere and furthermore they go above and beyond to make each patient feel comfortable with themselves and comfortable with their personal performance while rehabilitating. During the course of my therapy, I felt that each employee present could be utilized as a resource for my rehabilitation and that each employee worked together to create a sense of community and inclusion.

Secondly, I would like to address the facility. In my experience at 360, I found the facility to consistently be neat, clean, and well maintained. I never felt uncomfortable using any equipment because of lack of maintenance or upkeep. My personal physical therapist, Sarah Hanna consistently sprayed and wiped any beds before I would lie on them which ensured me that she had my best interest in mind and that I could count on her for consistent and reliable service.

Lastly I would like to address my personal physical therapist, Sarah Hanna. Sarah consistently motivated me to do my best during each of our sessions and helped me to reach my potential without pressuring me to work any harder than I felt comfortable with. Sarah made sure to inquire with me during each workout about any pain that I was feeling and many times encouraged me to lower my level of intensity, in order to prevent pain. My favorite professional quality about Sarah was that she frequently asked me about my opinion on my rehabilitation and took in to consideration my personal assessment. I feel that this helped her to better understand my needs and customize my routine.

It was truly a bittersweet moment to be discharged from 360 Physical Therapy, and I would definitely recommend the company to a friend or family member. Thank you for your standard of excellence.

-Chandler Patient

Allison (Chandler PT, DPT) was beyond terrific. Like the front office staff, she was always positive and she always saw me right on time, perhaps even a little early on a few occasions. Allisons' empathy and caring showed at every appointment, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. I would like to thank 360 for making this a good experience and enabling me to return to a pain free state along with giving me the knowledge and tools to stay that way.
-Jeanne A.

Adam (Gilbert PT, DPT), thank you for giving me my life back! My confidence has been restored and I am doing things I haven't been able to do for quite a while."
-Rosemary K.

Melissa always made time for me when special times were needed. Because we were, more or less, of the same mind and body awareness level, I was able to work with her and gain immediate healing results. Thank you!
-Cynthia E.

The physical information regarding best use of muscles is extremely valuable and will enable me to not have as much pain. I appreciate the information so I don't continue to damage my knees.
-Jacque T.

I cannot over state the professionalism and friendliness of all of your staff here. Kerry was wonderful to work with- very professional, knowledgeable, yet still warm and personable.
-Lawrence S.

Shea: I have experienced PT before, but never had the results I felt were satisfactory until now. Would recommend this facility and PT to anyone who needed excellent results.
- Devin C

Thunderbird: I was skeptical about PT because I have been to a therapist 2x with no relief. This was different - exercises were helpful and reasonable. I feel much better!
- Derek R

Tempe: The expertise and care of my PT and the staff of 360 has eased my pain and raised my spirits. They are true professionals and they truly care.
- Haley R

Tempe: 360 was what I needed at it has enriched my ability to maintain a normal life.
- Paul G

Phoenix: I'm really impressed. My therapist meets and exceeds all my expectations. She is personal, attentive, and really cares about the well being of her patients. I had a great experience and will strongly recommend others to 360 Physical Therapy.
- Lauren R

Phoenix: I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at 360. My therapist was professional and friendly and treated me with kindness and respect. I came in that first day in pain and I'm leaving energized and with the knowledge that i can continue to apply at home.
- Karen A

I quit one PT office because they didn't seem focused on my care. Not the case at 360. 100% of my time was spent with a physical therapist - not a tech.
- Debbie S

This is my second time coming here. It was a great experience both times. If I ever have to have therapy again, 360 Physical Therapy is where I will go.
- Sun Lakes patient

I've never had physical therapy before. I had no idea it would be as beneficial to my condition or as enjoyable an experience. I'd recommend 360 PT to anyone.
- Jacob P

The best experience I never expected to have!
- Brad B

Aggressive enough to make me do what I need to do. Listening and sensitive enough to get me through my therapy and keep me coming.
- John Y

On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to express our deep appreciation and sincere thanks for the outstanding care recently rendered by Shawana at the Gilbert Office, during my wife's rehab for hip replacement surgery. Over the years she has on several occasions had the need for Physical Therapy, including hip replacement. Although always helpful, has never had the same one on one, start to finish Therapist, from the initial assessment to discharge. We were completely impressed at the overall evaluation at the initial visit, that it gave us both a much needed "morale booster" and high degree of confidence in dealing with the unfortunate untimely accident and possible residual impairment. The pace of recovery and function was really much faster and more complete than we expected and has given us both such a feeling of having had the best possible treatment. We are also grateful for Dr Ashenbrenner's recommendation of 360 Physical Therapy, which has been expressed to him. Thank you so much, Shawana
-Charles O

Becky Potter is the best therapist I could ever ask for. She is very patient, kind, and understanding. I have told my friends if they ever need therapy to go to 360 in Chandler and ask for Becky Potter. She goes above and beyond for her patients.

-Rebecca T

Brian was very encouraging and patient with me. He explained everything well and helped me tremendously. I had a great experience with physical therapy with him. Thanks!!!
-Darlene C

I couldn't have asked for a better therapist than Brian Moss!
-Linda F

I can not say enough about the wonderful staff at 360PT! I actually looked forward to all of my appointments! Wayne was considerate and offered options to maximize my personal care and maintenance of my back. I am truly grateful!
-Yolanda M

This was by far my most positive experience in physical therapy. Everyone was professional, positive, knowledgeable, friendly and I especially enjoyed working with Kim who has all those above qualities. Thank you!
-Rhonda K

I only came for 2 days due to insurance but feel like I received 10 visits worth of helpful information and exercises. I wil lrecommend 360 PT to all. Thanks (Treating Therapist: Ari Goldstein)
-Carmen L

Staff is helpful, friendly and genuinely concerned for patient's welfare. (Treating Therapist- Ari Goldstein)
-Barbara K

Always great working with 360! (Treating Therapist: Tom Spray)
-Tim D

Feel 100% better than when I started. Great expereience! (Treating Therapist: Lisa Streich)

Entire staff acted in a very professional manner. Lianne was a pleasure to have as a therapist. Will recommend this facility to friends needing physical therapy.
-James K

A SUPER experience and Lianne is an incredible professional - you're so fortunate to have her on your staff. Thanks for everything!
-Jean B

I would like to commend Candice Issacs, PT. She showed me kindness, respect and patience. She has the knack of making patients comfortable. You have a great employee in candice. I would recommend her to any of my friends that need your services.
-Sincerely, Ellen

My left knee joint was replaced in January 2009. That was the 7th orthopedic surgery I had from a motorcycle accident in 1972, I've had a few physical therapists following those surgeries helping me regain strength and mobility. Karen Schultz-Soltysik was the therapist who helped me regain use of my left knee following the knee replacement. She was the perfect therapist to guide, direct and encourage me following that surgery. Even today more than two years after the surgery I have adapted the exercise routine and follow it twice a week
-Paul E