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Insurance Fraud


Fraudulent Physical Therapy Practices...

Where are you sending your patients? There is an epidemic of physical therapy practices in Arizona that are fraudulently providing and billing for services. These facilities are utilizing supportive staff like trainers, technicians and massage personnel to provide treatments and illegally billing the insurance company for physical therapy. Trainers and technicians are hired to work in some practices because they are cheaper. This is not only a disservice to you and your patients, it is INSURANCE FRAUD.

What is considered insurance fraud? The CPT codes used to bill insurance companies each have a legal description of what it is and who can bill for it. Physical Therapists are allowed to bill certain codes like therapeutic exercise (97110) and manual therapy (97140). These "therapy" codes can only be provided by a physical or occupational therapist, a licensed physical therapy assistant (not a technician) or a doctor. If the provider does not perform the service personally they can not bill for it. If treatment was provided by a technician, medical assistant, athletic trainer or massage therapist it would be ILLEGAL for it to be billed as physical therapy using these CPT codes. More shocking is that many practices do this every single day.

Your patients depend on you to help them make a good choice.

Refer to 360° Physical Therapy with CONFIDENCE!

My name is Tresha Baldwin and I have been a physical therapist for more than 20 years and started 360 Physical Therapy & Aquatic Centers in 2001 in Arizona. I personally employ over 60 Physical Therapists, 2 Occupational Therapists and NOT one tech or trainer. My profits are likely much less than some of my competitors but my clinics are providing your patients the highest level of skilled care on each visit and we are doing it ethically and legally. At 360 we provide as much treatment and education on each visit because we know your patients' time is valuable and co-pays can be expensive.

"Excellent Physical Therapy is about getting your patients feeling better and providing them the knowledge to continue taking care of their body after they have finished their therapy sessions."

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  • All treatment is provided by a Licensed Physical or Occupational Therapists
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