New Overtime Laws Are A Joke

Who passes this crap for overtime compensation? It won't force employers to pay people will make employees be paid less in order to hire more staff or make employees work harder. You can't just expect employers to come up with money from thin air! It has to come from somewhere and at a expense to someone. The "establishment" makes the average person think they are doing them a favor by putting the expense on the small business owners that employs 70% of this nation's people.....all the while calling those owners "rich" and trying to raise their taxes. It won't work. They act like business owners have extra money they are being greedy with and want to force them to give more benefits and more money to their employees and pay more taxes while doing it. Business owners create jobs and opportunity by taking risks. The American Dream is dying. Since when was it a bad thing to be successful and reap the benefits of your hard work?! This Nation of entitlements is brainwashed into laziness and government control.

How The Affordable Care Act Is Ripping Us All Off!

After 2 months of personal effort along with outsourced reporting costing us around $1000 for software and filing access and not to mention the many many hours she put in....she was able to complete the ACA (Accountable Care Act) Reporting for 2015. Basically going through all of our payroll records for each employee in 2015 to prove to the government that if a employee was eligible for health care that it was offered to them. I bring this up to just educate people on only one aspect of how much of a burden this program has placed on employers, eating up time and money that could be spent elsewhere in growing a business, new equipment, employee raises, etc. We will have to continue to trck for the next year and this cost will go up. The purpose is so the government can assess fines on people that either do not carry insurance or companies who do not offer it. Ultimately it is a huge money maker for the government. Nothing about it is providing affordable healthcare to the lower and middle class....our costs have done nothing but gone up. The IRS is going to use the information to track down individuals that have not had health insurance coverage and penalize them. How is this a service to the people that cannot afford health insurance? THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO USE THIS REPORTING TO TRACK DOWN THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T HAVE HEALTHCARE COVERAGE AND TAKE PENALTIES OUT OF THEIR THEIR TAX REFUNDS.

Custom Fit Knee Replacements Molded By Your Own Anatomy

Custom fit total knee replacement surgery is the newest technology available to patients today. Six weeks before surgery a CT scan of the knee is performed and a computer transforms the data into a 3-D model. These precise measurements are used to design a custom implant for the patient. Instead of basically choosing from a limited selection of sizes the surgeon is now able to ensure a correct implant size and placement based on the individuals normal knee alignment. Also a set of custom cutting guides are created for use during the surgery. Each knee is unique and each implant and custom surgical guides are one of a kind made specifically for each patient.

"With this technology I am able to make precision cuts into the bone which allow for optimal placement and alignment of the implant. This maximizes efficiency during surgery and provides a perfect fit of the implant", says Dr. Daniel Aschenbrener, orthopedic surgeon with Banner Medical Group. Dr. Aschenbrener is among only a handful of surgeons throughout the US who is performing this type of surgery. Perfect fit is very important when it comes to determining the lifespan of an implant. Optimal alignment means less wear and tear on the joint thus providing a longer lasting implant.

"This procedure is usually completed in under one hour and patients can usually be full weight bearing right away. I prefer they attempt walking the same day of surgery if possible and I have them start physical therapy immediately", says Dr. Aschenbrener.

You can contact Dr. Aschenbrener's office in Gilbert, AZ at (480)543-6703.

Fraudulent Physical Therapy Practices are Giving Us All a Bad Name

My name is Tresha Baldwin and I have been a physical therapist for more than 17 years. I started 360 Physical Therapy 11 years ago. I want to shed some light on a topic that gets me fired up every time it is discussed. I hear stories from patients who have been to other facilities where they were provided their "physical therapy" treatment by a 17 year old college student (technician) or a person who called themselves a "trainer" working under the supervision of a chiropractor. They were taken through exercise programs, given an ultrasound treatment or other modality, provided home handouts and maybe even given a massage by a massage therapist and it was all billed to their insurance as physical therapy. Let me be very direct in saying that all of these examples are clearly insurance fraud. Not only is it illegal to bill for such services as physical therapy but it also gives my profession a bad name. It is disappointing to think there are so many people out there who have had similar experiences and it is no surprise that those people would think that physical therapy is a waste of time. The codes all health care providers use to bill insurance companies are called CPT codes. Physical Therapists are allowed to bill only a few of these codes for things like evaluations, exercise and manual therapy. These "therapy" codes can only be billed by a physical therapist, a licensed physical therapy assistant (not a technician) or a doctor. Some insurances do allow a chiropractor to bill for the codes but they also have to be the person providing the care. It can't be delegated by the chiropractor to a technician or trainer. Athletic trainers and massage therapists are NOT allowed to bill any of these therapy codes. If you were treated by a trainer or massage therapist it would be illegal for it to be billed as physical therapy. There is an epidemic of practices in Arizona that are billing for physical therapy services fraudulently. Patients are provided most of their care by a trainer or tech and maybe even given a feel good massage so they will come back for more visits. These types of practices are making money but they are doing it illegally no one seems to be holding them accountable. A massage may feel good but it isn't going to provide you the knowledge of how to care for your back and prevent another injury and the athletic trainer has only limited knowledge specific to athletes and sports injuries. How is that helpful for a patient who just had a shoulder replacement or someone with chronic back pain? These people are hired by physical therapy practices for one reason....because they are cheaper than hiring a licensed Physical Therapist. I personally employ 40 Physical Therapists, 1 Occupational Therapists and NOT one, tech, or trainer. My profits are likely much less than some of my competitors but my clinics are providing superior care and we are doing it ethically and legally. A great therapist and a well run and ethical practice can help people with sports injuries, back pain, tendonitis, weakness, dizziness, headaches and many other conditions that affect your ability to do the things you enjoy. Many physicians are also not aware of which physical therapy clinics are practicing fraudulently. It is up to you to make sure you get the most out of your time and money. You can always choose where you go to physical therapy regardless of where your doctor referred you. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions before you make your first appointment and if you are dissatisfied with your current therapist you should find a different one. It is your right.